The Awakening is Getting a Funk Job

I realized decades ago how growing up with a mom who's an opera singer profoundly influenced me! Experiencing a live orchestra during my youth spilled into my songwriting and productions as an adult.

During my early days as a songwriter, I tried everything to orchestra my songs, but they never sounded like what I heard as a child. Or like what I was hearing on recordings! The problem I had in the 80s and 90s was that I didn't have orchestra money! And orchestra libraries did not sound authentic.

Fast forward to the 21st century. I have the Berlin Orchestra in my studio, and it sounds authentic! I decided in February 2017 to jump headfirst into learning how to orchestrate my music. I sat down in the studio and wrote a song called "Holistic." An orchestrated ballad. It became "The Awakening."

It wasn't bad for a first try at a classical piece. But as I listened to it, I started hearing funk! I tried ignoring it. The more I ignored it, the funkier it got!

Finally, I grabbed my bass. And drum sticks and gave it a funk job! It's not finished yet, and the string section is in the background, but check out this video and feel the funk! The Awakening will be on my upcoming album.

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  • Love it. Has a good happy vibe to it.,
    If this is any indication as to what the album have to offer, 2022 will definitely be your year

    • Mike, what’s happening buddy?

      It’s a fun song, and I find it very uplifting as I’m working on it. It’s almost finished. I still have to have guitar put on it, and I’m adding more strings. I don’t want to get too crazy and overproduce it. I’ll find that fine line!

      Love you much, it’s super fans like you that keep artists like me smiling!

    • Hey, hey Doc Rob,my man!

      How are you? Hope you’ve been good, and life is still the bomb for you.
      Glad you like The Awakening. I’m having a ball recording it. Had some issues playing drums, but I finally got the groove down that I wanted. Hope we can catch up soon.

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