Take it Higher Video and Single Launch

The video will be available soon as FB unblocks "my content!" Lord! LOL

The day finally arrived to release my third single, "Take it Higher." I was so excited I could feel the excitement in the fans during the event. I had reservations about the message in the song; "Take Your Life Higher," and I was more concerned about depicting that message using my life as the example during the music video.

I thought, "Who am I to tell others to take their life higher when I'm still trying to take my life higher!"

I realized it's ok because I'm talking the talk and walking the walk. Most of all, we are all doing the best we know how to, and if one person can inspire another to make changes in their life that can help, then "right on!"

The song and music video was embraced by everyone, and I was emotionally moved. The launch was exciting, fun, and successful.
I can't ask for anything more, and I appreciate all that it was.

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