I'm going to do something I've not done since I started Back in The Dave. I'm going to take a nice long summer break!

As my music career gets back on track and Back in The Dave is growing. I want to take a moment out for me so I can continue to heal from my anxiety and digestive track issues. My digestive track is jacked up! No one to blame but me, and only I can fix it.

I'll be spending the remainder of the summer, hanging with family, friends, flying rockets, sleeping, sleeping, healing, writing and recording music and driving my wife nuts!

I'll be returning with more Back in The Dave episodes after labor! I've got some good shows planned.

Until then, enjoy the Summer Jam 1975 episode. Take a moment and if you've missed any previous shows check them out!

I'll be on the Facebook fan page. Please feel free to inbox me or email me. Those of you who have my cell number, feel free to text me. My door is open!

Until September enjoy your summer, take care of your body, it's priceless, eat good-tasting healthy foods, rest, keep cool, heal, and share a little love!

Keep on Livin, Knight out!

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