I’m excited about sharing my lifestyle, health, and wellness stories and practices with you. My goal is not to change anyone but instead to provide you with ideas and resources that have improved my life and well-being.

Oil pulling is the first practice I’d like to share here. My wife Maggie told me about oil pulling several years ago. Overall, I have good teeth, despite the one front tooth Silver knocked out in 1975. Ugh, that dog!

Most, if not all, holistic doctors address the entire body. If you have a heart issue, they don’t just look at your heart and leave it at that. They look at everything leading up to the heart problem, including your emotions, food, thoughts and feelings, lifestyle, and more. Many holistic doctors will not work on your health problem until your mouth is cleaned up. They know the mouth provides early warning signs of potential health problems. They also know that the mouth contributes to health problems!

Years ago, my mouth was full of tartar—so bad, at times, it would crack off when I brushed my teeth. Other times it would happen just because the tartar was so heavy. My visits to the dentist became nightmarish. They’d often have to do scaling, the process of scraping the tartar off my teeth. The process is extremely painful.

Once I finally decided to take charge of my health, I began flossing my teeth. My teeth were so bad from years of neglect, it proved to be a painful, smelly, and very bloody task!

Often when I flossed, the tartar was so bad and so sharp where it grew between my teeth that it would cut the dental floss! I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me in getting my teeth into good health. That’s when oil pulling came in and saved the day—and my teeth.

Oil Pulling Benefits

  • Reduces mouth inflammation
  • Improves gum health
  • Removes plaque and tartar (that was my experience)
  • Helps remove food from between teeth
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Over all heals gums and the mouth
  • A lot more, some that has worked fo me, some I think is a crock, but everyones experience is different!

My Oil Pulling Practice

When I first started, my mouth was pretty plaqued up. I committed to oil pulling a minimum of five days a week for the recommended twenty minutes. For a solid year. At times I did it every day. I timed myself to make sure I did twenty minutes. Once I got the feel of the twenty minutes, I stopped timing myself. My results, a year later, were amazing.

I use organic “raw/unfiltered” coconut oil. Some people use sesame seed oil. I tried sesame seed oil, but it did not work as well for me. For others it works better than coconut oil.

As great as oil pulling is, I did other things as part of my oral therapy. Before oil pulling I flossed my teeth to remove old and rotten food from the spaces between my teeth. I learned that rotting food is a major cause of bad breath, mouth and gum infections, and other ills. Flossing is very important! It increased the oil pulling effects tenfold because it allowed the oil to get deeper into the gums, where food was once blocking the oil’s flow.

After flossing and oil pulling, I brushed my teeth. Talk about having a feel-good clean mouth! Over a short period of time I started noticing a difference in my breath, the overall feel in my mouth once plaque was removed, teeth that were less sensitive, and even more benefits.

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