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Take it Higher Launch Live Stream

Take it Higher Video and Single Launch The video will be available soon as FB unblocks “my content!” Lord! LOLThe day finally arrived to release my third single, “Take it Higher.” I was so excited I could feel the excitement in the fans during the event. I had reservations about the message in the song;

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Arranging Drums for "The Awakening"After a three month break. I couldn't stay away from fans and live streaming

Drum Arrangement Session

Drinking Tea Consciously Plants, herbs, spices are all the rave. They're no longer the chopped-up bits we add

Drinking Tea Consciously

Go to Bed! Use code KNIGHT for $150 off an annual Parsley membership! Why is it so hard for

Go to Bed

Gamin on Yah! Talk about having a ball? I love game night with my fans! They can be

Gaming on Yah

It's The Remix! After a long, hazy, hot, and humid summer, I was thrilled to be back on

It’s The Remix

Hazy, Hot, and Humid!This is one of my favorite live streams. I love going back and remembering the

Hazy Hot and Humid

Celebrating The Life of Clayton Gittens On June 15th, 2020, my childhood friend and music partner Clayton Gittens

Celebrating The Life of Clayton Gittens

COVID and It's Emotional Effects​Dr. Robert J. Woodbine, N.D., M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac.Dr. Robert J. Woodbine is a retired licensed

COVID and It’s Emotional Effects

As much as I hated to, I ended this live stream on time. I like to let it

African & African American Music, it’s Influence on The World

As an artist, I cannot stress the importance of finding and using your creative talent. Most people tell

Creative Juices

I remember when I was a child, September would come rolling along, and I'd say, "it's almost Christmas!"

Call it The Blues

I often think about Christmas mostly as a yearly event. Recently. I began to see Christmas within my

Merry Christmas

The hang out streams is my favorite. Spending time with fans, talking, and catching up is my idea

Thursday Night Hang

Last night had me cracking up! I had a ball being a one-man band. I often jam by

A One Man Jam

Notes, Lyrics and Melodies! When it comes to music, the song is everything. Without the song, music is

Notes, Lyrics and Melodies!

I have to say last night's live show was a lot of fun. To me, the Halloween theme

Halloween Night