Julio Herrera

The R&R Soul Orchestra

Benjamin N. Cardozo high school 1977, a new school, and new friends. The tenth grade was the bomb! Not because I was so in love with school, my grades surely told another story! But it was the time in my life when I'd begin to meet musicians from all over Queens,NY. 

My older brother Anthony had been attending Cardozo high two years before me. Once I arrived at the school. He began introducing me to as many people who were into music as he could. Little did I know. He would introduce me to Julio Herrera. A keyboard player that went on to have an awesome career in music!

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About Julio Herrera

Julio Herrera was born to Honduran immigrant parents on July 31, 1961 in Harlem New York.  He began his life in entertainment as a child actor having appeared on broadway and filming commercials many which have been nationally televised. When Julio was 16 he did  Voiceover commercials which led him to visit and record in the  the famous A&R Recording studios in Manhattan.

There is where he began his musical journey. He fell in love with everything from writing to recording, from arranging to producing and engineering. “I loved everything about recording especially recording my compositions”. Julio has worked with many of New Yorks top session musicians, including being a Audio engineer for Jam Master Jay of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rap Group Run DMC. Soon after the death of Jam Master Jay, Julio took a step back and refocused his energy from hip  hop to making high quality R&B records.

At 29 he became A&R associate for Capital/EMI in Montreal, Canada. During his time working there he began developing a sound which he developed into the act “The R&R Soul Orchestra”. He moved back to New York when he was 33 and begin Audio engineering independently for several NY musicians and Studios.

At 35 he was signed to RCA under “The R&R Soul Orchestra”. Unfortunately RCA shelved the album which led to Julio releasing it 12 years later.  This time under his own label.  The self titled debut was released in 2015 with alot of support and  love  from the United Kingdom.  

Currently he is working on the second Album release “Live From a Basement in Queens. Julio still resides in New York City running his own recording studio, Production House and Label

The R&R Soul Orchestra Members

Valerie Kelley- Lead Background Vocals
Veronica Daeh- Lead and background Vocals
Scout Ford- Lead and Background Vocals      
Leslie Ming- Lead and Background vocals  
Laree Williams all Lead and background Vocals  
Roy Bennett Lead Vocals
Cecil Sanchez Bass, Keyboards, Drum programing, Audio Engineer, Sound design Mix Engineer, Co producer.
Julio Herrera Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programing, Composer,Arranger, Audio Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Leader

Connect with Julio Herrera

Julio is the founder and leader of the R&R Soul Orchestra. He's been a professional songwriter, musician, and record producer for over four decades. You can follow Julio, and his band on FaceBook, Instagram, and on their Youtube page, link tree

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