It's The Remix!

After a long, hazy, hot, and humid summer, I was thrilled to be back on camera and in front of fans! It took every bone in my body to not go live all summer long, but I did it and was proud of myself!

To kick off the new season. I wanted to do something that fans could collaborate with me on and have fun at the same time. Well, I'm a songwriter, so what better idea could I come up with than to remix one of my songs? I figured I could grab Fantasy World, play the song over the live stream, show them how remixes can be done, have them contribute, and then give them a copy of the end result! Good idea Dave, I like it, LOL!

We came up with four new mixes! A drum mix, a guitar mix, a synth mix, and a keyboard mix. We dropped instruments in and out of Fantasy World to create these mixes. A good example would be the drum mix.

We pulled out everything except drums and percussions. We then put the synth, piano, acoustic guitar, and flugelhorn solos back into the mix!
It was crazy hearing the song without my bass holding down the bottom with the drums, but I have to say, this mix is the bomb!

Once we listened to each mix. Fans voted on which one was their favorite.

Shocking to me. The drum mix was the number one favorite, the guitar mix was the second, the keyboard mix was the least favorite. I thought the keyboard mix would have been the overwhelmingly favorite, but hey, what do I know? I'm just a composer. You're the fan!

Thank you, everyone, for your input on these mixes. The mixes will be available on September 23rd on this page for free! You created them.

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