Inner Peace (The Story of My Band Chase) Pt4

In late 1983, I began to sense tension within the band. Clearly, there was a pink elephant in the room. I pulled the elephant in, but I couldn't help myself. I expressed my new feelings towards songwriting credit, copyright, and publishing. I cannot confirm it started the snowball down the mountain that would result in the avalanche. It was never said.

As the snowball built up speed, I denied there was a growing issue. Instead, I did what I always did. I went to my bedroom, picked up my bass, sat on the edge of my bed, and came up with a bassline I felt was needed for another dance tune!

With a new dance tune in the wings and tension building, Chace continued dreaming. We felt success was on the way. And all of us began to live as if it had happened already! Several members in the band got make overs. and I had my eyes on a champagne color 1984 Corvette.

As 1983 came to an end and January 1984 was on the horizon, the avalanche created by that snowball months early; exploded!

Devastated by the blast, I went into shock and allowed myself to emotional suffer for forty-one years.

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