Flying rockets with my children

I began building and flying model rockets in the early 1970s, at that time, I never thought I would be flying them almost 30yrs later with my three oldest children. But on Saturday, May 15th, 1999. That is what I was doing!

The first launch was the sprint, the black and white rocket, which got caught high up in the trees. We never recovered it! The second launch was Big Bertha. We had two great launches with her.

My oldest son Kyle was closely watching how I was setting up the rocket on the launch pad, as Collin, my youngest son at the time, was having a ball being silly, LOL!!! What a crazy kid he was, so much fun and funny!

What also comes to mind is my daughter Rhea. When this video was shot. She was two weeks shy of turning 11yrs old. She/we didn’t know it then, but she was being what she has become in life today. Living her life passion and full time career as a videographer and photographer. It’s funny to listen to her narrate the video. She even calls herself “the director!” Thank goodness I gave her total freedom to use my camcorder!

In my mind, those days were pretty bad for me. Yet, over the years, as I watch the mountain of videos I shot, God, what fun, and what quality time we had.

Dad musician, Back in The Dave, Heart and soul memories!

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  • How luck for them young man’s to have a dad like you. I was raised without a dad. I would have really love to had did something like that something like that last a life time thinks for sharing your family with us.

    • Hi Greg,

      Your welcome. Reading your comment made me very emotional for so man reasons. I know what it’s like to have a dad, but my dad died when I was 27. He only saw two of my four children.

      Had it not been for my dad during my youth. I would no nothing about flying rockets. If you have children. I pray that you hooked them up with as much fun as you could while they were young.

      My three oldest are in their 30s now and these videos fill them and my family with good memories🕊️😎

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