Fishing was a staple in the Knight family from as early on as I can remember. Eating the fresh catch of the day while playing at the kitchen table was simple childhood fun until the unthinkable happened. Of course, it just had to happen to me! 


Nana showing off one of her fish. She begged me to take this picture. Summer, 1990.

My grandparents, Nana and Big Daddy, always fished. They'd wake us up at 3:00am to drive two hours out to Montauk Point. Marc and I would get on the boat with big daddy, Kris and Anthony would normally stay and fish on the dock with Nana!

We’d fish for Mackerel, sea bass, porgies, flounder, what ever the Atlantic ocean put on the hook. Marc and I learned early on, putting a ton of bait on the hook and dropping it down to the ocean floor almost always pulled up some small shark! Big Daddy would get mad as hell becasue our fishing lines would get tangeled up with other fishermen's lines. We did'nt care. We were catching sharks!! 

When we returned home. We’d have tubs of fish. Big Dad would clean and wrap them. He showed me how to clean fish. I remember fish scales popping in my hair and in my eyes all the time, especially scales from porgies!

Often Big Daddy would have one of us run several fresh fish up to Nana for her to cook for dinner. Such an amazing time. When dinner was ready. Nana would call us to the table. Anthony, David, Marc and Kris! You kids come to the table, it’s time to eat. We’d stop whatever we were doing and run to the table, only to be chased back to the bath room to wash our hands first!

Once we returned. We’d have a plate of black eyed peas and rice, collard greens, and neck bone, and fresh fish! You kids sit down and eat all of your food now, and be careful don’t swallow any fish bones. Of course, about 10mins later, I swallowed a fish bone! My siblings yelled out. Nana! Nana! David swallowed a bone!!

Nana comes rushing back into the kitchen. I’m in pain! She gives me a piece of bread to eat, hoping the bread would take the bone down. Nope, doesn’t work! She grabs me and rushes me to the bathroom. I begin spitting up in the toilet. All the while Nana's slapping me on my back! That does not work…Remember folks, this is years before the hyimlick manuvor... 

We jump into her car and off to the hospital we go. All I can remember about being in the car was spitting up into paper towels, and pain. Every time  I swallowed, the fishbone stuck me! We run into the ER, they bring me in, the doctor tells me to open wide and he puts that wooden popsicle stick down my throat!

The Fish bone is lodged just enough for him to see but he can’t reach it. He tells Nana they can operate, or, it’s fine to leave it there and over time I will swallow it. She opted for over time. So back home we go...

Over the next several days. Every time I swallowed, the bone stuck me. All day and all night! I could feel it move and begin to dislodge, that too was painful. Then one day in the front yard as we were all playing. I swallowed, and the bone dislodged! It cut me all the way down!! You know. I wonder if that bone has played a small role in my digestive track issues over the years. Especially during these months of anxiety and the inability to eat, ugh, I wonder because the body forgets nothing.

From that day forward. I stopped eating fish. My parents and grand parents no longer forced me to eat it. I guess that gave them piece of mind, thinking, we already had one issue with him and fish bones. It's best he not eat fish. 

I only ate tuna, from a can, salmon, from a can, lobster and crabs. That's it!

I did not put another piece of fish in my mouth until I met my present wife Maggie. She bought fillet salmon stakes one day, cooked them in her latin sofrito way. I mashed it up in my fingers like crazy and eat it. It was really, really, REALLY slow eating. But damn good!

What I find interesting is, after over thirty years of not eating fish. I lost my taste for fish. I no longer even like the smell of it. It's amazing how our experiences change our lives, and not always for the good, and not always for the bad. 

Have you had a life changing experience? 

Remember Brut, by Fabergi?

Brut,"by Fabergi?" That was their tag line. It's almost hard to just call it Brut! It's like you almost have to say, "Brut, by Fabergi."

Brut was a classic mens aftershave/cologne. Their commercials featured many football and baseball stars. Joe Namath did many of them! I remember wanting my only bottle of Brut when I was 12yrs old. I wanted the girls to like me and I thought Brut would do the trick!

WRONG!!! Music did it, LOL!! 

I believe one of my aunts bought me a Brut gift pack for Christmas. I could not wait until after my shower. I proceeded to soak myself in Brut! After about an hour. I got a migraine headache. I learned that cologne's and perfumes, just give me headaches.

Not as popular in the twenty-first century. But Brut is still on the market. It was all the rave back in the day.

Remember Michael's Voice Change?

I think deep inside. We all wondered what would happen when Michael Jackson's voice changed. I kind of remember thinking that back in the day. We learned decades later. He too was very concerned about his voice change.

I was shocked to hear his new voice on songs like, "Enjoy Yourself," "Forever Came today" and "Dancing Machine" I wasn't able to explain how significant Michael's voice change was until I became a professional music producer. 

His adult voice was such a major change from his childhood voice. They were like day and night. His childhood voice was raspy, husky and raw sounding. It was full of power. As a child, his voice had warmth, heart and soul and he knew how to use it to the max. 

Michael's adult voice became more of a signature sound. It was much softer over all, yet powerful when he called on it! To me, it lost the heart and soul that his younger voice had. It was lighter. I think because he lost the raw husky sound of his childhood voice. He tried to compensate with verbrato. He started using lots of it on songs like, "She's out of my Life." Heavy breathing effects and squealing sound effects also took center stage. I started hearing the breath and squealing when he was in his early teens. When he released "Off The Wall," they became front and center! 

I'm a BIG MJ fan! Before and after his voice change. Yet, if you were to ask me. I'd tell you. I love his childhood voice the best. It was pure heart and soul. I go for that every time, all the time!

Which Michael Jackson voice did you prefer? His childhood voice, or his adult voice? 

Pen Pal

Back in the day we oftern had pen pals in elementary school. We'd write to kids in other schools and they'd write back to us. It was a lot of fun getting to know new kids. 

"Back in The Dave" Pen Pal is similar. Listener's email me their thoughts about a particular show, or to tell me about something happening in thier life or an event in thier past that an episode reminded them of, or sometimes just to chat with me. Personally, I love it! 

This episodes pen pal comes from Peggy. She elaborated on just how pen paling back in the day went further than nationally school to school. She tells a story about her pen pals from other countries!

Peggy writes-

Hi Dave, I am still listening to the 10 speed bike story. I usually listen with earbuds in my phone and the strings in that first song are just phenomenal! I barely heard the singing because the strings were so beautiful. I did have a comment about Pen Pals. Now I am 10 years older than you are so pen pals has a whole different meaning to me. We were not penpals with kids from other schools, we literally had pen pals in other countries. When I was in high school, I had a pen pal in England, 2 pen pals in Germany and a pen pal in Pakistan. Of course, once I graduated high school and went off to college I pretty much lost track of them. 

You can imagine my surprise when in 2009 I got a FB message from a very familiar name and finally realized he was my pen pal from Pakistan! All the message said was - are you the Peggy Turnbull that lived on Shady Lane? I immediately messaged him that of course, I knew who he was. We began corresponding, emailing each other, etc. We had children about the same age. He told me that he had been an air force pilot and had come to the US many times throughout his career.

Evidently he had never forgotten about me and had been looking for me. Long story short - we are still friends now. We have even Skyped with our spouses there, too. His wife does not speak English at all so it did become a little difficult. I now wish I could find all of my other pen pals but unfortunately I have forgotten their names and don't seem to have any souviners of those days.The pen pal in England sent me the newspapers from the day that Winston Churchill died. I think I still have those. Just thought you might enjoy this story!!


Are you up for a new challenge? I have a new one. I'm calling it, "The Aretha Franklin Challenge!"
This time. I will tell you the artist. You have to name the song.
Aretha Franklin
Released in 1968

Try your luck!

Featured Music

Come and Get Your Love by the band "RedBone. You know, when I was a kid. The other kids on the block and I had another way of singing this song. 

We'd sing, "hell, hell, what's the matter with your afro, it wont grow, why don't you try a little afro sheen, it's so clean!"

You could be sure if your afro was messed up. You'd get a group of kids singing that version of the song to you. I know, my fro was always a wreck! 

Did you know RedBone was a native American band? My wife never knew that until I told her. I thought they were a very unique. They put down thier cultural instruments for a moment an picked up guitars, synths, and a drum set! 

Still, they maintained and used thier cultural heritage as their image. Often performing wearing their Native American clothing. Remaining true to who they are. Watch this video. Here they are performing "Come and Get Your Love." It's all the way live! 

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Ooh Baby Bay, one of my favorite songs. I remember this song along with My Girl as being two of the first songs I can recall hearing as a child. Both written by Smokey.  

Released in 1965 under Tamla/Motown records. Ooh Baby Baby has been covered by many artsts over the past 53yrs. Most notable was Linda Ronstadt's version.

Smokey left the group to persue a solo career. In my opinion. I think he was more creative as a band member. Either way. His music has become standards and classics!

Classic TV in The Spotlight

I love Lucy

How much do you like classic television and movies? I sure as hell do! I still continue to watch old shows!

Believe it or not. I still watch I Love Lucy. This show was the corner stone for all sitcoms to follow. Lucielle Ball and Desi Arnaz took television to new heights. The interaction between the two of them was nothing short of brilliant!

Lucy's real life responses to situations that she often created kept her in hot water with her husband Rickey. 

Real life husband and wife. The couple went on to create Desilu productions. Their television and film production company. The company was responsible for shows such as Mannix, The Untouchables and Star Trek. 

The couple ended thier marriage in the early 1960's. Do you know what year? 

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