“Hot Fun in The Summer Time!”

When I look back on my childhood. There are so many events that come to mind. My grandmother and her crazy antics. Memories of running from my dad at “top speed” because I was about to get a spanking of a lifetime.

Then there’s that one event that beats them all! My brother Marc and I were always doing things we had no business doing. You know, like that big bag of fireworks my dad brought home one year. We decided to celebrate the fourth of July a month early. The idea I came up with was dumb! I even involved “Silver.” The family dog! That dog was a big enough problem on his own. He did not need me involving him in my craziness.

My Big Brother

Anthony, my older brother. A year older than me. I forgot I even had this picture of him dancing! I thought I took the picture. But I could not have. I’m standing behind him, LOL!! It was taken with my camera. This was a summer family event in July 1978.

Anthony was serious about dancing. He knew all the latest dances back in the day. The Hustle, the Spanish Hustle, the Bus Stop. I mean all of them.

I loved to dance, but he was a much better dancer than I was. I still love dancing. I hope to do a lot of dancing on some of my music videos. Maybe I can get him to join me on one of the videos!

It all comes from “Back in The Day!”

Sly & The Family Stone

There was the music before Sly & The Family Stone and then there was music after Sly & The Family Stone. Not many artist changed the sound of music. In the late 1960’s into the early 70’s, Sly and The Family Stone changed the sound of music.

They dropped raw funk like never before. It was hard hitting loud and danceable. In the summer of 1969 “Hot Fun in The Summer Time hit the charts and became a big hit. I remember riding in the back of Nana’s car and hearing on the radio.

Right away, it drew visuals of summer fun, being happy and being a little boy too shy to say hello to girls. This song was such a soundtrack to life back in the day. I had to include it on this summer special podcast!

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