Fantasy World Reinspired

Hey, hey, hey, it's here, "Fantasy World!" Finally, the release of my second single.

Listen to my latest song, hear its history, and how I almost didn't record it, and what "reinspired" me to record it after close to 40yrs of it sitting in my ice cooler!

You're going "Back in The Dave" to 1981, come on, let's go! It's time to trip along with me.

There's a place in our minds that takes us to imaginary worlds where we fantasize about deep passion and a perfect romance, dreams of being together on a beach, running in an open field of green grass and sunflowers, or hanging out among the clouds with the one we love.

I composed "Fantasy World" for you and the love of your life to romantically escape into, let its hypnotic rhythms and melodies take you any place you can imagine, as long as you're both in it together.

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