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Composers Notes

There's a place in our minds that takes us to imaginary worlds where we fantasize about deep passion and a perfect romance, dreams of being together on a beach, running in an open field of green grass and sunflowers, or hanging out among the clouds with the one we love.

When I wrote Fantasy World in nineteen-eight one, my fantasy was simple, to be any place private with the girl I had fallen in love with, and at the age of 18, that's about as far as my mind would take me!

To me, a "fantasy world" is anything I can dream of, and that I only have to be in the present moment with her to experience that world of fantasy.

When I realized a Fantasy World is the experience of love shared between two people, my approach to the song's production dramatically changed! 

I started hearing a melodic grooving funky bass line. Thick walls of moving synthesized sounds taking the listener into a fantasy world, bells, chimes, and swirling strings, sitting on top of a grand piano.

I composed "Fantasy World" for you and the love of your life to romantically escape into, let its hypnotic rhythms and melodies take you any place you can imagine, as long as you're both in it together.

David C. Knight

About David Knight

From the beginning, David Knight has had a spiritual connection with music. Raised in Queens, NY during the 60s and 70s, music was everywhere. 

The adult contemporary/R&B singer-songwriter from New York may be in his 50s, but it hasn't deterred him from pursuing a solo career.

After decades of trials and tribulations, Knight is back as robust as ever. With vintage roots and a modern touch, his forthcoming material harks back to an era when The Commodores and Elton John topped the charts. 

But for Knight, it's not about resuscitating antiquated sounds – it's about resurrecting a golden spirit: a time when music was felt, not heard.





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