Filled with moving musical soundscapes and a whispered "Exhale," Exhale takes the intellectual mind and puts it at rest, sounds of of playful birds and flowing water move throughout the bed of music as Exhale calms your interlectual mind and body.


Exhale in nature, a remix of the original version. In nature removes the musical sound scape, leaving the sounds of nature and the whispered "Exhale," the brain is interesting, it knows not where you are, as such, if it "thinks" you're in nature, it believes it and responds accordingly.

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About David Knight

From the beginning, David Knight has had a spiritual connection with music. Raised in Queens, NY during the 60s and 70s, music was everywhere. 

The adult contemporary/R&B singer-songwriter from New York may be in his 50s, but it hasn't deterred him from pursuing a solo career.

After decades of trials and tribulations, Knight is back as robust as ever. With vintage roots and a modern touch, his forthcoming material harks back to an era when The Commodores and Elton John topped the charts. 

But for Knight, it's not about resuscitating antiquated sounds – it's about resurrecting a golden spirit: a time when music was felt, not heard.