Arranging Drums for "The Awakening"

After a three month break. I couldn't stay away from fans and live streaming any longer. I'm feeling much better from chronic panic and acid reflux. I still have a ways to go but my focus on healing has become ten fold. 

I've been working on the album during my down time. The first song is called "The Awakening." I composed it as a slow classical ballad in 2017, but the funk in me started hearing it as a dance tune, and so I started re-recording the song. 

I got much of the core recording done so I wanted to live stream with the fans so they could watch me workout a drum arrangement. Though drums was my first instrument back in 1971, it's not my main instrument, but the little drumming I'm able to do, I throughly enjoy! 

When "The Awakening" is done and released, I will not be the drummer, so this live stream is me jamming and hearing ideas in my head so I can guide my drummer to what I'm hearing on the song. He can then take that, and add his real drumming to it!

Let me know what you think! 😎 

And yes you can comment on my afro too, LOL! 

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