Cosmic Interceptor

My First Skill Level 4 Rocket
The Cosmic Interceptor is my second build since I got back into my childhood hobby of model rocketry. This is the first skill level 4 rocket I’ve ever built! When I was a child. My lack of self-confidence was really high. I never believed in myself enough to build anything over skill level 3. It’s funny how those old feelings stay with you. I hesitated when purchasing this rocket.

I felt I wasn't ready to build a level 4. I decided to put all of that crap fear behind me, buy the rocket and build the damn thing!
I’m happy I did. While I’m not happy with the finish and the paint job. It looks good. It sets the stage for the next one to be even better.

From nose to the engine, the rocket stands at 3ft 6inches long. It will launch to a maximum height of 700ft! I can’t wait to launch this bad boy!

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