My First Skill Level 4 Rocket

The Cosmic Interceptor is my second build since I got back into my childhood hobby of model rocketry. This is the first skill level 4 rocket I’ve ever built! When I was a child. My lack of self-confidence was really high. I never believed in myself enough to build anything over skill level 3. It’s funny how those old feelings stay with you. I hesitated when purchasing this rocket.

I felt I wasn't ready to build a level 4. I decided to put all of that crap fear behind me, buy the rocket and build the damn thing!
I’m happy I did. While I’m not happy with the finish and the paint job. It looks good. It sets the stage for the next one to be even better.

From nose to the engine, the rocket stands at 3ft 6inches long. It will launch to a maximum height of 700ft! I can’t wait to launch this bad boy!
The Build!

Installing Wings

Alining the wing, this is not easy. If the wing is not on straight, the rocket will fly all over the place.

I put objects like the wooden box and the tape measure to keep the fuselage up right. Often it rolls over and I have to do it all over again, ugh!

Tube View

When I build rockets. I like to make sure the wings are close to perfect. Once I put both wings onto the fuselage, I look at them from all angles. This is one of my favorite angles!

Getting it Painted!

​Taping it up

I grew up in a house in Queens NY. I had my bedroom which was like my little hobby shop. I never had to pain my rockets in a box!

It drives me nuts! The good thing is, it makes me have to be creative and find new ways to get the job done. That helps me create my music more. 

Whenever I figure out problem with my hobbies. I can translate it into music or business stuff. The box I made to hold the rocket up and to make sure I don't get paint any place in the apartment was a challenge. 

It worked! I just had to open the windows and let the paint smell get out before my wife returned home! 

Covering the fuselage

I hate having to paint like this. Meaning, I'd rather paint the whole rocket one color! It's just me being lazy. The detail of using two or more different color paints in painful during the process. 

I have to cover everything and tape parts up that I don't want painted. The cool thing is. When a multi colored detailed paint job is done. The end result is awesome! So I do it! 

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