Thursday Night Live April 2nd, 2020

"Thursday Night Live" on FaceBook at 8PM! Engaging conversation, music, real talk. I'll even play an instrument or two!

Black History Month

Often African Americans look down on white people. Unfortunately with many good reasons, we’re also tired of seeing the “good ole white man in shinning armor coming to help the poor ole black folks.”

That Painful Day

I keep in mind that people can only do to me what I allow them to do.

Mommy,​ I Couldn't Save Him

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The first time I saw my dad cry was the day my little brother was killed. I stood there in shock, watching and staring in disbelief, as my 42-year-old father went crying to his mom!

The Awakening

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When I came up with the idea of writing and recording holistic healing music, I was so hyped! The idea that I, David Knight, a funk/pop/R&B producer, composer, and musician could compose holistic instrumental music felt exciting.

Oil Pulling

I'm excited about sharing my lifestyle, health and wellness stories and practices with you. My goal is not to change anyone! But to provide you with ideas and resources that have improved my health, lifestyle and well being.

My First Solo Project (I’m too excited!)

Let me tell you!I AM IN THE STUDIO RECORDING MY FIRST SOLO ALBUM EVER!After decades of writing, producing and recording music for other artists.I'm officially launching my solo music career. I'm the artist now! Writing and producing for myself.I've…

Broken Hearted

Recently while doing my deep relaxation practice. I began experiencing deep, hurt and pain going into my heart. This was not a physical pain. It was emotional. I lied there on the floor waiting for it to go away. It didn’t. I continued to lay there just feeling the strong anger, sadness and hurtful emotions that were coming up.

Cosmic Interceptor

The Cosmic Interceptor is my second build since I got back into my childhood hobby of model rocketry. This is the first skill level 4 rocket I’ve ever built! When I was a child. My lack of self-confidence was really high. I never believed in myself...

Collective States

I don't play the Djembe drum. My wife asked me to help her on earth day. It's actually her drum! A gift from me years ago. I love getting into nature, but Initially, I did not want to participate.