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Black History Month


John Brown
May 9th 1800- December 2, 1859 

As we approach the end of black history month, I’d like to offer a different perspective.

Often African Americans look down on white people. Unfortunately with much good reason, we’re tired of seeing the “good ole white man in shining armor coming to help the poor ole black folks.”

As always. I see another side, throughout history, there have been white folks who have always come to honestly and authentically fight on our side, not so much to come to rescue us, but to assist us in regaining our freedom and birthright, equality!

John Brown was such a man. He orchestrated the raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859, WV. John armed slaves and went to battle! Outnumbered, the raid was put down and John Brown was executed.

I believe any person who tries to help African Americans and Africans in the diaspora, no matter the color of their skin or culture, should receive recognition for their efforts.

Further, it should be us African Americans and the descendants of Africa who raise them up to be seen.

That Painful Day


Yesterday I allowed a couple of people to take me into an emotionally painful place. It’s a place that I’ve worked hard to pull myself out of. It’s a painful place that for much of my life I “never lived in.” I’ve worked hard over the past 10yrs to bring myself back from emotional pain! 

Yet, every once in a while I allow others to drag me back in! 

Thankfully, I know how to pull myself out. I keep in mind that people can only do to me what I allow them to do. It’s “all” my fault! They don’t know any better. They are simply being who they are! 
Yesterday was a great reminder that even when I’ve done the work and I’m feeling great in life. There will always be those days life events and people in my life will affect me in negative ways and I will allow it! That’s life! I guess the insight I’m sharing is simple. 

When those days come around. Try and make it a single day of pain if you must. Better yet, a couple of hours!

I’m feeling great today!!!

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Mommy,​ I Couldn’t Save Him

The first time I saw my dad cry was the day my little brother was killed. I stood there in shock, watching and staring in disbelief, as my 42-year-old father went crying to his mom.

I didn’t judge him! I didn’t think any less of him as a man or as a father. I just never thought I’d see the day my dad would go crying to his mother!

During June and July of 1990, my dad’s heart began to fail dramatically, a result of the major heart attack he had miraculously survived on December 4, 1988.

At age 27, I had no idea what was happening to him. It started when he, Nana and Big Daddy (my Dad’s parents), and his girlfriend, Claire, took a road trip to Florida.

I was concerned because I thought the thousand-mile trip would be too much for him. My concerns grew deeper once I saw all the crap my grandparents were stuffing around him in the back seat of the car. How’s he supposed to breathe with all that shit you’re packing around him, I thought.

I kept my concerns to myself. This trip was a big deal for the Knight family. My grandparents were moving back to the South. In 1938 they had moved from the South to New York City. Both grandparents were born in one-room shacks in the segregated South in 1913—Nana in Florida and Big Daddy in Georgia.

Nana’s fruitful 30-year real estate business and Big Daddy’s working two full-time jobs allowed them a lifestyle that they could only dream about when they were children. They did well for themselves. The road trip, in part, was for the unveiling of their new home to their son, which was very far from the one-room shacks they grew up in!

Dad was eager to get down there and see the home his parents had built. The excitement on his face was something I’d never seen before. He was like a little boy again, taking a trip with Mommy and Daddy. Once again, I found myself staring at him, only this time I was capturing the moment through the eyepiece of my camcorder as they packed the car, backed out the driveway, and drove down the block and out of view. Off they went.

My wife Tracy and I took our kids across the street to our home to start our day.

In less than a week, my grandmother called to say they’d had to put dad in the hospital. I could hear the fear in her voice. It reminded me of a night in 1974, when she called the house in a panic, looking for my parents, because my uncle Keith had been severely burned.

Thank God Tracy worked for Pan Am airlines. We were able to fly him back home using her employee ID.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of the end of my dad’s life. The events that would unfold over the next five weeks would challenge me to the core of my being. They would forever change me in ways that continue to affect my life to this very day.

In preparation for his death, life began showing me signs. The unspoken words between my dad and me were loud!

The frustrating part was that I could participate only as a bystander, as his body shut down one day at a time. Finally, at midnight on August 6, 1990, my dad’s body said, “Hey, let’s go home.” His spirit said, “Okay.”

And just like that, he was gone.

Later that morning, my mom came to the house. She walked into my studio, where I was sitting in shock and disbelief on the sofa. She called my name: “David?”

I jumped up and ran to her! “Mommy! He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone, Mommy! I couldn’t save! I tried everything, but I couldn’t save him!”

“I couldn’t save him!”

She grabbed me tight, pulled me close, and put my head on her shoulder. We stood there, crying. My mom kept repeating, “I know, I know, I know,” and at that moment, I realized something. I’d done just as my father had 14 years earlier: I went crying to my mommy!

That day, I lost the biggest challenge in my life. I lost my mirror. I had lost the very Earth that held me up!

I’d lost the one person I wanted to punch in the face, hug, hold, kiss, and lean on, all at the same time.

I lost my dad …

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The Awakening

Composed, Produced and Performed By: David C. Knight
Artwork: Yevhen Karpenko
Distributed By: 41Records LLC
Copyright 2017

When I came up with the idea of writing and recording holistic healing music, I was so hyped! The idea that I, David Knight, a funk/pop/R&B producer, composer, and musician could compose holistic instrumental music felt exciting. That genre had not been a norm throughout my life. Yet I felt I had to, because health, mind, and body have become integral parts of the person I am today.

In 2006, when I changed my life from the ways I grew up eating, thinking, and living to new ways of practicing and living a mind, body, health, and wellness lifestyle, my music changed organically as well.

“The Awakening” is the first song I composed within the holistic instrumental genre. Writing it did not come easy! I found myself going off target. I still believe I missed it. The song sounds more like something from a movie score. Maybe that’s another genre I can explore later in life, LOL!

The song has become one of my favorites, if for no other reason than it’s being my first of its kind! I love the tribal drums that open the song, I remember searching my drum library for the right drum sound and beating the hell out of my drum set during the recording.

“Layering my productions is a skill I learned years ago. In ‘The Awakening’ I took extra care in layering.” I did not want any sound clutter. Remember, the goal was for this to be a holistic, healing song. It had to touch the heart and soul while you’re doing yoga or getting a massage or meditating. Musical clutter disturbers the soul when you’re trying to still the mind and body or to heal.

Truthfully, I believe I missed the holistic mark. Not fully, though! I’ve had yoga instructors tell me they use it in their classes. I think that’s pretty dope!

In the future, my song catalog will include holistic mind-body music. I totally enjoy writing and recording it.

The Awakening is FREE. Go ahead! Click the download button on the audio player.

Oil Pulling

I’m excited about sharing my lifestyle, health, and wellness stories and practices with you. My goal is not to change anyone but instead to provide you with ideas and resources that have improved my life and well-being.

Oil pulling is the first practice I’d like to share here. My wife Maggie told me about oil pulling several years ago. Overall, I have good teeth, despite the one front tooth Silver knocked out in 1975. Ugh, that dog!

Most, if not all, holistic doctors address the entire body. If you have a heart issue, they don’t just look at your heart and leave it at that. They look at everything leading up to the heart problem, including your emotions, food, thoughts and feelings, lifestyle, and more. Many holistic doctors will not work on your health problem until your mouth is cleaned up. They know the mouth provides early warning signs of potential health problems. They also know that the mouth contributes to health problems!

Years ago, my mouth was full of tartar—so bad, at times, it would crack off when I brushed my teeth. Other times it would happen just because the tartar was so heavy. My visits to the dentist became nightmarish. They’d often have to do scaling, the process of scraping the tartar off my teeth. The process is extremely painful.

Once I finally decided to take charge of my health, I began flossing my teeth. My teeth were so bad from years of neglect, it proved to be a painful, smelly, and very bloody task!

Often when I flossed, the tartar was so bad and so sharp where it grew between my teeth that it would cut the dental floss! I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me in getting my teeth into good health. That’s when oil pulling came in and saved the day—and my teeth.

Oil Pulling Benefits

  • Reduces mouth inflammation

  • Improves gum health

  • Removes plaque and tartar (that was my experience)

  • Helps remove food from between teeth

  • Reduces bad breath

  • Over all heals gums and the mouth

  • A lot more, some that has worked fo me, some I think is a crock, but everyones experience is different!

My Oil Pulling Practice

When I first started, my mouth was pretty plaqued up. I committed to oil pulling a minimum of five days a week for the recommended twenty minutes. For a solid year. At times I did it every day. I timed myself to make sure I did twenty minutes. Once I got the feel of the twenty minutes, I stopped timing myself. My results, a year later, were amazing.

I use organic “raw/unfiltered” coconut oil. Some people use sesame seed oil. I tried sesame seed oil, but it did not work as well for me. For others it works better than coconut oil.

As great as oil pulling is, I did other things as part of my oral therapy. Before oil pulling I flossed my teeth to remove old and rotten food from the spaces between my teeth. I learned that rotting food is a major cause of bad breath, mouth and gum infections, and other ills. Flossing is very important! It increased the oil pulling effects tenfold because it allowed the oil to get deeper into the gums, where food was once blocking the oil’s flow.

After flossing and oil pulling, I brushed my teeth. Talk about having a feel-good clean mouth! Over a short period of time I started noticing a difference in my breath, the overall feel in my mouth once plaque was removed, teeth that were less sensitive, and even more benefits.

My First Solo Project (I’m too excited!)

Let me tell you!


After decades of writing, producing and recording music for other artists.
I’m officially launching my solo music career. I’m the artist now! Writing and producing for myself.

I’ve been re-inspired by my thirty-eight-year music catalog of pop, R&B, funk and dance music that I’ve been holding onto for this moment! I’ve also been collaborating with musicians on new songs too! But what excites me most is, writing songs with the quality and creativity of how music was composed and recorded back in the day!

In those days I was a “super fan” before becoming a musician and songwriter! Many of the artists and songwriters were my early influences. My songwriting roots, creativity and quality are grounded in that era. They are my idols!

I tried embarking on a solo career over twenty years ago. But my family responsibilities and life just didn’t allow it. Now I’m ready!

I’m extremely excited about this phase of my life! And I want to share my excitement with you.

Cosmic Interceptor

My First Skill Level 4 Rocket

The Cosmic Interceptor is my second build since I got back into my childhood hobby of model rocketry. This is the first skill level 4 rocket I’ve ever built! When I was a child. My lack of self-confidence was really high. I never believed in myself enough to build anything over skill level 3. It’s funny how those old feelings stay with you. I hesitated when purchasing this rocket.

I felt I wasn't ready to build a level 4. I decided to put all of that crap fear behind me, buy the rocket and build the damn thing!
I’m happy I did. While I’m not happy with the finish and the paint job. It looks good. It sets the stage for the next one to be even better.

From nose to the engine, the rocket stands at 3ft 6inches long. It will launch to a maximum height of 700ft! I can’t wait to launch this bad boy!

The Build!

Installing Wings

Alining the wing, this is not easy. If the wing is not on straight, the rocket will fly all over the place.

I put objects like the wooden box and the tape measure to keep the fuselage up right. Often it rolls over and I have to do it all over again, ugh!

Tube View

When I build rockets. I like to make sure the wings are close to perfect. Once I put both wings onto the fuselage, I look at them from all angles. This is one of my favorite angles!

Getting it Painted!

​Taping it up

I grew up in a house in Queens NY. I had my bedroom which was like my little hobby shop. I never had to pain my rockets in a box!

It drives me nuts! The good thing is, it makes me have to be creative and find new ways to get the job done. That helps me create my music more. 

Whenever I figure out problem with my hobbies. I can translate it into music or business stuff. The box I made to hold the rocket up and to make sure I don't get paint any place in the apartment was a challenge. 

It worked! I just had to open the windows and let the paint smell get out before my wife returned home! 

Covering the fuselage

I hate having to paint like this. Meaning, I'd rather paint the whole rocket one color! It's just me being lazy. The detail of using two or more different color paints in painful during the process. 

I have to cover everything and tape parts up that I don't want painted. The cool thing is. When a multi colored detailed paint job is done. The end result is awesome! So I do it! 

Collective States

I don’t play the Djembe drum. My wife asked me to help her on Earth Day. It’s actually her drum—a gift from me years ago. I love getting into nature, but initially, I did not want to participate.

This Earth Day walk took place at Inwood Park in Manhattan. My wife had been bugging me to check out the park. It’s the only natural park left untouched in Manhattan. She felt it would help me relax. I tried telling her that as long as I can hear the BIG CITY noise outside of the park, I can’t relax!

See the woman to my right in the picture? She and I bonded. She’s such a good-hearted person. If I remember, I believe she told me she’s Dominican via Tieno Native American. Caribbean folk! When I told her my mother’s side of the family is from the Caribbean, she officially pronounced me Dominican Tieno Native American. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that my great-grandmother on my dad’s side of the family is Seminole Native American. Uh oh! I hope she doesn’t read this. I’ll be in trouble!

We started walking the path in the park. I started beating my drum. It was cold as hell and very windy! Still, I enjoyed myself. She began beating her hand drum along with me. I hit my drum harder, following her rhythm. Before I knew it, a little groove started. It got kind of funky, too!

During the walk, we’d stop along the way so people could recite poetry. Often the group would stop just to stand in nature. My favorite part was when we stopped, and I rested by leaning on a tree. That’s healing for me.

I was pretty quiet during the event—just beating my drum while thinking, freezing, and walking. I have to say, I was happy to go home, but I did enjoy myself.