As much as I hated to, I ended this live stream on time. I like to let it roll when the topic is hot, and folks are into it! The energy behind this conversation was high. My guest and the audience were deeply engaged.

The influence of African music and African American music on a global-scale is tremendous. Knowing now that the black Moors introduced classical music and the piano to Europe makes it pretty clear that most, if not all music is of African creation. I'm sure there are many people who will read this and disagree. To those folks, I say do your research.

During this live stream, my four guests, Musicians Victor Marshall and Charles Bartlett, recording artist Carlton "Soulman" Smith, and DJ Dance, took the plunge with me. As we discussed music's African birth, to Hip Hop, and the role racism played.

Of course, this topic is too extensive to cover in a single hour. I will host a second event in the coming weeks.

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