Every kids dream back in the day was to get a 10 speed bike. I was no different! But how was I suppose to know my bike would land me in the hospital and on my butt!

Back in April, before anxiety and drama started and in Preparation of the album release in 2019. My daughter, wife and I went back to my old block, Ridgedale Street, in Queens NY to talk about my years growing up as a young musician.

What makes this clip so unique is, it tells the 10-Speed bike story from the current Back in The Dave episode! I had not realized I told the story to my daughter on video along with two other story's about my brother Marc. My wife just kept the tape rolling!

The Wound 42 Years after my 1976 bike crash. You can actually count the little dots from the stitches

Christopher Griffin

I learned that cycling became Christopher's career and life love

I was lucky. I had two childhood friends that I was very close with. Michael Allen and Christopher Griffin. Michael was my hangout buddy, my get into crazy fun partner. Chris on the other hand was like of a big brother. Two years older than me. Chris and I had the same interest. When we met in 1974. He was suprised to learn that I was in to gas powered radio controlled cars and planes and I was also into model rocketry just like him. I'm still into both hobbies today.

Chris was an awesome artist and mechanical drawer. He could draw a car engine in "detail," a spaceship in deep detail and more. We all had 10speed bikes. It was the "thing" back in the 70's, but Chris got deep into bikes in 1976. He started to customize his bike, to make it lighter and faster.

Christopher taught me how to customize my bike and how to prime and paint it.  When it came to bikes. I was always trying to keep up with Chris. Even when it came to racing. He was older than me, bigger than me and more powerful than me. Yet, like a little brother. I tried to keep up with him. That's what caused me my one an only bike accident that landed me in the hospital!

Motown Challenge


Think you name the song? 

Released in 1965
Four member vocal group
Tamla/Motown label
The song, its writers and the group became Motown legends.

It's Too Late To Turn Back Now!

Cornelius Brother's and Sister Rose. What a classic song. Ok, look at there hair!! LOL! BIG Afro's. I have to admit it. I had an Afro big (not that big) but I would part it too! 

It was the style back in the day. I wouldn't be caught dead with an Afro now, and a part in it? 

Hell no!!

What's most important though is this song. I can't think of a more upbeat fun, positive song about love. 

The hook says it all. "It's too late, to turn back now. I believe, I believe, I believe I'm falling in love. 

Watch out! Here comes my love and I can't stop it. The string arrangement, is so uplifting. Yet, the little piano playing the chord melody underneath. 

What a classic! 

We Are The World

Have you ever heard any song that was sung by so many people, and each brought their own brand of heart and soul.

We are The World is 33yrs old. Hard to imagine right? What if all people, all seven billion of us decided to just love each other,  decide to except one another? 

Think about how we would all be living right now. Think about what would go away, poverty, racism, poor health, violence, police and all legal systems, governments and so much more. 

This is the core of "We are The World to me.

Let's us all begin to see that vision...

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